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The "Only Nature Knows" campaign was intended to help people enjoy their Clif Bars in nature as they were intended to be by capitalizing on their natural curiosity and desire to know the mysteries you can only solve in nature.

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Clifhangers Radio Spot - Hannah Norton
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New packaging for promotional stunt. Consumers are invited to take Clif Bars on adventures in order to win free product.


Point-of-sale tent decor to draw attention the limited time packages.


Wilderness Survival Guide, also about how Clif Bars sustain even the most adventurous, unexpected of lifestyles and wild-lifestyles. Pamphlet at popular hiking/traveling destinations.

Copywriter: Hannah Norton

Co-songwriter: Cera Pack

Art Director: Tessa Memmott

Animator: Chaz Gonzalez

Photographer: Brandon Hemsley

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