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The Ask:

Wheaties sales have been in steep decline over the last two decades. Find a way to make Wheaties relevant again to the next generation.


The Answer:

91% of millennials would switch brands to one associated with a cause. Wheaties has the most unique platform of any cereal. Allow Wheaties to become a platform for the causes millennials care about most by redefining “the breakfast of champions.”

Wheaties will turn their boxes into a platform for athletes and other prominent sports figures to share the causes they champion. 

Collectible cards that instead of focusing on the stats and athletic accomplishments of these athletes,  will showcase the causes these athletes champion.

Each box will support a different charity related to the cause championed by the cover person. 




In addition to highlighting prominent athletes on Wheaties boxes, Wheaties will also develop an online platform for everyone to share the causes they champion and have a chance to be featured on their own Wheaties box.



Art Director: Tessa Memmott

Copywriter: Nathan Blakely

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